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Flat carbon Europe


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    • Environmental responsibility

      We have reduced our dust and gas emissions per one tonne of steel manufactured by 90 and 60 per cent, respectively.
    • Modern solutions

      Our plant ranks among the most modern steel plants in Europe.
    • A team of professionals

      Our team consists of outstanding professionals.
    • The local community

      The local community is an important partner for us.

    Krybar® in the Al-Zour LNG project in Kuwait

    As from 2020, Kuwait will have a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, located near Kuwait City which will produce approximately 22 million tonnes of natural gas every year. For the construction of this impressive facility, ArcelorMittal Special Rebars & Thread Bars and ArcelorMittal Projects work jointly to supply Krybar®, a special concrete reinforcing steel bar providing safety for cryogenic applications.

    615,000 barrels of gas per day

    The Al-Zour LNG terminal is located in the Al-Zour region, about 90 km south of Kuwait City, close to the border with Saudi Arabia. This project includes the construction of a re-gasification facility, eight storage tanks and marine facilities.

    Once completed and fully operational, the Al-Zour LNG terminal will have:
    a production capacity of 22 million tonnes of natural gas every year (615,000 barrels per day)
    a storage capacity of 1.8 million m³ of natural gas
    and a liquefaction capacity of 30 billion m3 per day

    The owner of the project is Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which awarded Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (HDEC) – a consortium including Hyundai E&C and state-owned Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) – for the construction of the terminal.

    The biggest contract ever booked for Krybar®

    ArcelorMittal Special Rebars & Thread Bars teamed up with ArcelorMittal Projects in Singapore to provide Krybar®, a durable reinforcing steel capable to resist low temperatures up to -170°C.

    During the bidding stage in 2015, ArcelorMittal Projects Oil and Gas Singapore followed the project closely. They promoted Krybar® and supported various EPCs, with, amongst others, Hyundai Consortium. In February 2016, Hyundai Consortium was awarded the EPC contract, and their Korean partner, KOGAS, was then entrusted to the design of this major ‘Design & Build’ contract.

    After a successful visit of KOGAS’ technical delegation to ArcelorMittal Warszawa (Poland) in 2016, Krybar® was finally approved for the project.

    In total 5,081 tonnes of Krybar® 620 (in 20mm, 25mm and 28mm diameters) produced by ArcelorMittal Warszawa will be supplied for the construction of the eight storage tanks, each with a capacity of 225,000 m³.

    Krybar® in more than 300 tanks worldwide

    Krybar® is a special concrete reinforcing steel designed on demand of the LNG industry in order to provide safety for cryogenic applications. Its special composition and rolling process give Krybar® a high ductility even at very low temperature, down to -170°C, making it ideal for the construction of gas tanks (LNG and LPG) and ethylene tanks.
    ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of Krybar® grades depending on the design temperature of the tank:
    - Krybar® 50 for LPG tanks with temperature down to -50°C
    - Krybar® 105 for Ethyl tanks with temperature down to -105°C
    - Krybar® 620 & Krybar® 165 for LNG tanks with temperature down to -170°C

    ArcelorMittal has been producing Krybar® since 1980. Since July 2014, its production takes place in the new rolling mill of ArcelorMittal Warszawa.

    ©Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

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    Zhen Min Cheong


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