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Flat carbon Europe


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  • Environmental responsibility

    We have reduced our dust and gas emissions per one tonne of steel manufactured by 90 and 60 per cent, respectively.
  • Modern solutions

    Our plant ranks among the most modern steel plants in Europe.
  • A team of professionals

    Our team consists of outstanding professionals.
  • The local community

    The local community is an important partner for us.


Vision and commitment

ArcelorMittal Warszawa is an organization impacting many areas of life, which obliges us to run our business in a responsible way. Internally, for our employees, this approach means driving continuous improvement in the area of Health and Safety and ensuring we give our people full range of possibilities to develop their talents. Externally, this vision translates into engaging with local communities and lifting our environmental performance.

Dialogue with local community

Social Projects

Guidelines for providing ArcelorMittal Warszawa's support for social projects

Social activities supported by ArcelorMittal Warszawa are aimed at building long-term relationships with the local community and implementing the values of the ArcelorMittal group by supporting initiatives that fit into the company's strategy.
All offers, requests for patronage or support presented to ArcelorMittal Warszawa are being evaluated for consistency with the company's sustainable development policy.

Assessment criteria

- Compliance with the principles of sustainable development.
- Location - primarily Warsaw, Bielany district. In some justified cases, projects may be implemented in another area.
- The project must belong to one of the areas of social activity of ArcelorMittal Warszawa: education, health, safety, ecology, amateur sport and healthy lifestyle, culture and art, social assistance.
- Benefits for local communities - the project must provide support to the maximum number of beneficiaries (adequately to the specifics of the project).
- A grant should bring visible and positive changes to the activities of the organization to which it is awarded.
- Possibility to build long-term relationships with project recipients

Examples of projects that do not meet the ArcelorMittal Warszawa evaluation criteria:

- Requests from private individuals
- Professional sport and extreme sports disciplines, support of professional sports teams
- Financing of parties, political organizations or politicians
- Expeditions, travel projects
- Fashion shows, beauty contests
- Advertisement


All offers, sponsorship or support requests may be submitted by post or email. The application must be submitted on the ArcelorMittal Warszawa form (available below).
We will contact only those institutions to which support has been granted. If the evaluator considers that additional information is needed, a representative of ArcelorMittal Warszawa will contact the applicant directly.
Each co-financed project must be settled in accordance with the guidelines and on the ArcelorMittal Warszawa form. The settlement should include a substantive and financial report as well as photo documentation.

List of Organizations and projects that received funding in 2019
List of Organizations and projects that received funding in 2020
Application for project co-financing. Should be sent to the e-mail address:
word - Download the application

Local community


Below some of the events carried out in 2019 and 2020 with the participation of the local community:

March of the Steelworkers (May 9, 2019)
The Night of Museums (18 May 2019)
Open Day (May 25, 2019)
ArcelorMittal Superoes car rally (25 August 2019)
Steelworkers Run (October 6, 2019)
Open day for neighbors (March 7, 2020)
Steelworkers Run (11 October 2020)


At ArcelorMittal Warszawa, the activities of the Communications Office and the Environmental Protection Office include local dialogue. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our business. We are always open to discuss any topic that matters to you.

Do you have a question? Do you want to make an appointment? Write to or call 22 835 83 37
Do you want to make a complaint? The form is available here:

word - Download the form

List of meetings with stakeholders that took place in 2020:
o Meeting of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Bielany District Office on January 15, 2020
o Open day for Huta's neighbors on March 7, 2020

Further meetings, planned for 2020 (Meeting with the inhabitants of Młociny, open day for Warsaw) have been suspended due to the COVID19 pandemic.