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HR Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles for ArcelorMittal’s Human Resources policies reflect our core values:  sustainability. quality, and leadership – and recognise that our HR polices must both develop our people as a key driver of our business results and promote the integration of our Company as a single global enterprise while respecting local laws and practices. These guiding principles, deployed through local companies, will support the men and women of ArcelorMittal in their efforts to fulfill our brand promise of ‘Transforming Tomorrow’.

1. ArcelorMittal promotes the safe, healthy, and productive work environment.

All companies of ArcelorMittal have the responsibility to provide their employees with a safe and healthy environment. All employees have a responsibility to eliminate actions or circumstances that undermine this environment to ensure that they are fit and able to work every day, and to support their colleagues health, safety and productivity through the principles of “Shared Vigilance”.

2. ArcelorMittal supports employees’ efforts and aspirations to contribute at their full potential.

It is management responsibility to develop, train and inspire future leaders through a robust programme of mutual goal setting, regular feedback and coaching, training and appropriate promotional and developmental  opportunities. It is the employees’ responsibility to pursue their own development opportunities, support their colleagues’ development and generally contribute to continuous improvement across the entire Company. We encourage but also expect outstanding technical mastery and exceptional excellence.

3. ArcelorMittal is a merit-based organization.

We promote and reward based on merit and performance paying particular attention to our culture of continuous improvement which is based on action-orinented benchmarking in all functions and on learning from both our success and our shortfalls. We prefer to  promote from within, and we highly value the power derived from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The Company’s policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all types of jobs at all levels of the workforce and prevent unlawful discrimination.

4. Continuous team-based improvement is a way of life at ArcelorMittal.

We actively benchmark our performance and processes both internally externally. We view  our global scope  as an advantage and we require all operations and functions to collaborate in order to raise the Company’s future performance to the standards of today’s champions. We aspire to be the very best in all we do and are committed to simplifying, harmonizing and streamlining our activities and processes wherever possible. High performance and productivity  are central in the Company’s sustainability and thus to its capability to provide good jobs with good incomes  wherever  we operate.

5. ArcelorMittal aspires to attract, recruit, retain and motivate highly talented individuals through a rewarding value proposition.

Compensation standards are based upon relevant benchmarks taking into account regional practices and customs, and always comply with applicable labour laws and regulations. Our pay system rewards performance.

6. Mutual trust it is a key element of relationships within ArcelorMittal.

We promote transparent HR processes and invite constructive input to improve those processes. We respect employees privacy and dignity and only personal information that is required  either  for the effective operation at the Company or by law, shall be collected. Such information is treated as confidential and is relased only to those who have a clear, legitimate needs to know. ArcelorMittal requires that all employees disclose potential conflict of interest and take actions to eliminate them promptly if required to  do so.

7. ArcelorMittal is committed to being a responsible highly respected institution – not least because of its human-resources policies.

We respect employees legal rights to freedom of association, third party consultation, collective bargaining and employee participation. We are commited to a high quality and high-level social dialogue with trade unions, employee representatives and other relevant stakeholders and will not tolerate abusive practices such as the  exploitation of child labour. More  broadly, we strive to establish superior relationships with all stakeholders who can shape our human resources reputation and to create a climate in which ArcelorMittal employees are motivated to carry forward Corporate Responsibility initiatives.