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Integration and diversity

Our goal is to build a modern flexible workplace which allows for a thriving workforce where everybody is treated equally and respected for their contribution. Realising the full potential of these capabilities will enhance our performance through helping us define new markets, solve customer challenges and meet stakeholder expectations with innovation and creativity.

Strength in diversity

1. Purpose

In ArcelorMittal we are convinced that the diversity of our workforce is an asset, bringing fresh ideas, perspectives and experiences in a welcoming environment which supports our values of Leadership, Sustainability and Quality. For ArcelorMittal, diversity means a workforce reflective of different cultures, generations, genders, ethnic groups, nationalities, abilities, social backgrounds and all the other unique differences that make each of us individuals. Inclusion is about creating a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in creating business success and where all employees are valued and respected for their distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives.


Our people live the standards and business behaviours set by the Code of Business Conduct, competency framework and values. Our leaders model an open and inclusive approach to the organisation of work, relationships with communities, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with the aim of driving continually improving and sustainable levels of performance.


In order to transform tomorrow and to continue to set new standards we are growing international standard business leaders who have both deep local and ArcelorMittal specific knowledge. We leverage the diverse ideas and approaches at all levels within the organisation to continually build and enhance our performance and service to our customers.


We want to attract and retain the best talent, and be recognised for supporting all our people to reach their potential and contribute to the success of ArcelorMittal.

2. Principles

To support this, we are committed to:

1. Proactively identifying, analyzing and addressing diversity challenges within the Group and its units in order to support the deployment of this policy.

2. Ensuring that all business units comply with legal, regulatory obligations, Code of Business Conduct and Values.

3. Eliminating discriminatory behaviour at every step of work life and at every hierarchical level.

4. Giving the right to all employees or service providers to a workplace free from harassment.

5. Creating a supportive and understanding workplace environment in which all individuals feel welcome, respected and heard, and where they can realize their full potential regardless of their race, colour, sex, age, religion, ethnic or national origin, and disability.

6. Adapting internal processes and procedures to support diversity and inclusion.

7. Providing training and awareness on the responsibilities and benefits of diversity and inclusion to promote understanding of differences and similarities, decrease judgmental behaviour and increase acceptance and flexibility and so enhance the efficiency of our multicultural teams.

8. Ensuring the confidentiality of reported complaints: victims of or witness to non-compliance with the rules set out in this document may submit their comments in confidence through the whistleblowing process. Information regarding complaints will be disclosed to employees or third parties only for the purposes of the investigation.

9. Take steps to ensure compliance with this Policy: violating the Policy may expose you to disciplinary action and other legal consequences. The disciplinary process, including the investigation, is fair, impartial and transparent. Based on the conclusions drawn and in justified cases, ArcelorMittal may take appropriate actions, cooperate with offices and initiate legal actions.