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Social Responsibility

ArcelorMittal Warszawa conducts well-thought-out and responsible activities, taking into account all stakeholder groups. For our employees, this approach means consistent efforts to improve the health and safety conditions at work and the development of their talents and skills. For our environment, it means limiting the impact on the natural environment and supporting the development of local communities.

Local community relationship

ArcelorMittal Warszawa actively maintains good relations with the local community. We believe that open mutual contact and reliable information constitute the necessary foundation for a good neighbourly relationship.

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Information for Huta’s neighbours

After modernisation, the steelworks significantly reduced the impact on the environment. The plant complies with the standards, including the level of dust and gas emissions and noise. However, when deciding on a close neighbourhood, it is worth remembering a few facts.

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Employee volunteering

We have been organizing and supporting employee volunteering and social campaigns for years. Employees involved in activities for the benefit of local communities can count on our help on various levels.

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ResponsibleSteel™ Certificate

Huta ArcelorMittal Warszawa is applying for the ResponsibleSteel™ certificate. It is a global standard that aims to define the principles of responsible steel production for the entire sector. The ArcelorMittal Group is one of the leaders in this process and is the first in the industry to start auditing European plants.


Environment protection

In accordance with the principle of Sustainable Development, we feel fully responsible for the impact of the operations of the ArcelorMittal Warszawa steelworks on the natural environment. Our factory is located almost in the middle of a large city and in the vicinity of nature reserves. We treat it as an additional obligation.


Energetic efficiency

As a modern company, Huta ArcelorMittal Warszawa must efficiently use energy media and fuels. To achieve this, we introduced a control system for the consumption of these factors, set goals and carried out activities that improve the energy efficiency of the Plant.


Integration and diversity

Our goal is to build a modern, flexible workplace where everyone is treated equally and respected for their contribution to the development of the organization. Utilizing our full potential will allow us to increase efficiency, help define new markets and meet the challenges of working with customers. We will also be able to respond to the needs of our stakeholders in an innovative and creative way.


Health and safety

Safety is the main concern in all spheres of activity of Huta ArcelorMittal Warszawa. The company makes every effort to minimize the risk of an accident, fire and any other threat to the health or life of all people working on the premises, both its own employees and subcontractors.

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Sustainability Report

ArcelorMittal Warsaw publishes its first Sustainable Development Report. Therefore, in addition to the data concerning the year 2023, it also includes information about our activities in previous years, which may be relevant to our stakeholders.

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Transparent governance

ArcelorMittal’s commitment to high standards and best corporate governance practices, as well as transparency of conduct, is a prerequisite for the company’s development. In our opinion, good business practices are a prerequisite for long-term economic success. We want to maintain our reputation for upholding high ethical standards and corporate governance principles.