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The equipment allows us to produce steel  products using  various heat treatments:

  • soft annealed
  • normalized
  • annealed: isothermal, spheroidizing or stress relieving treatments
  • hardened and tempered.

Hot rolled specialty steel products

  • Products: Round bars
  • Dimensions: 20-80 mm
  • Tolerance: EN 10060, DIN 1013, PN/H-93200-02
  • Length: 3,5-12 m

Reinforcing bars

CountrySteel gradeDiameter range
PolandB500SP10-40 mm
PolandB500B10-32 mm
GermanyB500B10-32 mm
Czech RepublicB500SP10-40 mm
Czech RepublicB500B10-32 mm
SlovakiaB500SP10-40 mm
SlovakiaB500B10-32 mm
LithuaniaB500B10-32 mm
SwedenK500B-T, K500C-T10-40 mm
DenmarkB500B, B550B, B500C10-40 mm
NorwayB500NC10-40 mm
UKB500B10-50 mm

Bars length: 12-15 m

Krybar® cryogenic rods

In the size range of 12-32 mm for cryogenic applications (used to reinforce LPG and LNG tanks at temperatures up to -170oC)

Semi products  (CC billets)

  • Square 140 mm length 4 m – 14,9m
  • Square 160 mm length 4 m – 14,9m
  • Square 220mm length  4m – 9 m

Steel Grades

ArcelorMittal Warszawa produces the following grades of steel for different applications:

  • quality carbon steel
  • low- and medium- alloy steel (case-hardening and through-hardening)
  • carbon and alloy screw and nuts steel
  • carbon and alloy chain steel
  • killed and rimmed free cutting steel
  • spring steel
  • bearing steel
  • micro alloys steel with Nb, V, B
  • reinforcing steel.

Additionally,  steel grades can be manufactured as:

  • fine-grain steel
  • steel with controlled sulphur content
  • calcium treated steel
  • steel with controlled hardenability to 50% of the band, so called “restricted hardenability”
  • vacuum degassed, with hydrogen content below 2 ppm.